Photo gallery

  Santo Domingo de Los Colorados (home of LIAT)

Charity HouseFruit seller Santo Domingo
                     The LIAT Charity house                                              Street fruit seller

                     Ranchera Santo Domingo
                                                                       Open-sided chiva bus 

Rice seller Santo DomingoStreet market Santo Domingo
                     People buy rice by the sack load                                              Street market

    Embroidery sellers     Embroidery sellers2 
                                                       Traditional floral embroidery for sale 

      Boys football training at dusk                                                                     Boys football training at dusk

 Capital city Quito - gateway to Ecuador
 (130km by road from Santo Domingo)

       View over Quito
                                                                      Overlooking Quito

           Old building in Quito Street in central Quito
                     Quito buildings from an earlier era                                Busy street in central Quito

       View of Quito city
                   View over Quito city with Basilica in distance                     

  Ecuador the country

Textile sellersCotton goods seller

                                Street sellers in Otovalo (N.East of Quito in the Andean Highlands)

A view from Avenida de los Volcanes
              One of Ecuador's many volcanic peaks, seen from the Avenida de los Volcanes