Our Work


Nearly 70 per cent of Ecuador's 4.8 million children live in poverty according to information published by UNICEF. Large disparities between rich and poor are a persistent fact of life in Ecuador. Indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian children are more likely to grow up in poverty and face difficulties in access to education. Concerted government efforts to address disparities have shown some significant results, but with much of its budget earmarked for debt repayment, it is difficult for Ecuador to fund levels of social spending that might improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable families.

Women’s work:

According to CEIMME 68% of Ecuadorian women have experienced domestic violence. LIAT helps to fund a women’s worker who is able to support victims of abuse, provide an education so they can make money e.g. by making and selling chocolates, cards or jewelry.


School for children with disabilities:

The school was set up over 10 years ago and has continued to grow and develop. There are now 3 classes with 1 specifically for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The school is run by Ecuadorian teachers and supported by volunteers, currently from England and Europe. LIAT is able to fund the teachers in the school.

Community work:

The Ecuadorian charity runs many workshops including:

  • Developing awareness of abuse in the community
  • Workshops for the disabled (as a result one man who lost his hands in an accident can now mouth paint and sells his paintings as cards to raise a living.)
  • Chocolate making
  • Health education seminar
  • Teaching handicrafts/jewelry and card making