Hadassah Women's Project         

This project reaches over 1,000 women per year, bringing  hope and therapy to those who are abused and vulnerable throughout the city through large conferences and local talks. These raise awareness of domestic abuse and the need for respect and behavioural boundaries within relationships. We offer free workshops teaching vulnerable women skills (handicrafts/jewellery, pattern cutting and machining techniques) to empower them to generate an income and gain self-respect. This combination of talks and workshops:


  • raises self esteem
  • breaks the cycle of abuse that has been endemic through many generations 
  • builds stronger family units
  • gives hope for a better future
According to CEIMME, 68% of Ecuadorian women have experienced domestic violence.

Womens conferenceHadassah project
                Conference on domestic abuse                                      Pattern making

Womens workshopWoman using stencil
                    Women's workshop                                                      Pattern making

   Hadassah project Womens workshop
           Making ribbons for embroidery                                        Women's workshop

Dont compromise with abuse
         "Don't compromise with abuse"